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Junichiro Kamijo was the only judge to award Sonnen a 10-8 score in the opening round.

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Microsoft launched the Xbox Video Chat services in Japan this time a year ago, leading up to the launch with fantastic television advertising.‘Habitat’, the futuristic XBox Video Chat television ad, starts with a sweeping shot over Tokyo, focusing on the grass topped apartments. A green flying insect takes us into a close up of one apartment top, moving us to to circles, squares, cables, speakers and a smartly dressed young man in sunglasses holding a web cam.Our insect flies over more buildings and down to the beach where sunbathers join in the video chat. Click on the image below to play the video in You Tube The XBox Video Chat TV Ad was developed at Los Angeles-based production and animation company Logan, under the leadership of executive producer Kevin Shapiro.The camera pulls back to show us that the beach is on the top of another apartment. Music was developed by Chris Heidman at Brahmstedt White Noise.However, you can also choose with your teacher to incorporate web resources into your study, such as reading online news together, or taking quizzes on other sites as homework, then discussing your mistakes with the teacher.

Some nice video calling tricks aside, LINE just isn’t unique enough to warrant migrating all your contacts across to a new service, and if your friends aren’t there with you, there’s no point being on LINE., but hasn’t made much impression in the U. As was mentioned before, that is most likely down to Facebook stealing some of LINE’s thunder, but if you’re not wedded to the American giant it’s worth giving LINE a try. The user interface isn’t as slick as Facebook, or as intuitive as Twitter.

Cheaper than a plane ticket to Japan, and almost as much fun!

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It contains text and media chat, multimedia timelines, celebrity and brand interaction, disappearing photographic posts, stickers and image filters, chat rooms, animated masks, social games, and of course, video chat.

It’s available across i OS, Android, and PC, and it is all safely encrypted.