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Updating a blu ray player

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Or will it do this every time I try to connect wirelessly?

I am very mad to find out that you must use internet to use anything on the Xbox One but come on Microsoft what does the Blu Ray player need internet for please explain to me why it needs internet while a PS4 can play a movie without internet.

Only way to get it back to being responsive is to unplug the Blu-ray player and then plug it back in.

I contacted Samsung on it and they said they knew about the problem and the tech I chatted with said well if it has the problem with Netflix not to watch Netflix on it. They need to mark it not to use with Netflix if they won't release a new firmware to fix the issues.

Over the line with customer service I have verified that my Blu-ray player is up to date. I bought my Samsung BD-J5700/ZA from Sears to replace a Sony I had.

Within 10 days I soon learned that this device would freeze during playing either a movie or show on Netflix, screen either goes black or it freezes with the picture still up.

This was a pain in the butt, as I missed the part of the movie when it came back.

Sometimes it never came back and the player had to be turned off and restarted.

It's not a huge update, but it's a nice option to have all the same if you're looking to play those discs.

The system needs to know the time apparently, and won't do anything until NTP time sync is established.

Probable cause is a fragile implementation by Samsung coupled with a firewall configuration that is stymieing the NTP client.

If not, give these instructions to tech support or a tech-savvy friend/nephew/paperboy and they will figure it out.

If I connect it with a wired Ethernet connection will this fix it?