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I’ve been a dating and relationship advice columnist for more than 18 years, appearing on radio and television shows all over the country, as well as in dozens of newspapers and websites. I used to feel that if I wrote about my dating experiences, no one would believe me!

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Most simple solutions use polling, which is fine for low volume, but in high volume the number of hits will become an issue.

Here's a link that (I think) uses polling and should give you some ideas how to start: But for higher volume, you probably need to get away from polling.

I originally was going to integreate with Meebo to provide the chat feature, much like My Yearbook, but Meebo will only provide that service to large sites.

I am willing to learn and code this thing myself, but need to be pointed in the right direction. All of the tutorials i can find are for site chat that allows anyone on the site to participate.

I am working on a dating site and would like the users to be able to chat with thier friends.Whole Foods heeft immers van alle supermarkten de hoogste omzet per vierkante meter.De aangekondigde overname geeft eens te meer aan dat de geldingsdrang van de techgiganten niet ophoudt bij de dominantie van hun eigen sector. If you’re single and looking for love, ya gotta date, which is a rather depressing thought.My goal for the blog Surviving Dating is to share my thoughts, observations and experiences on dating and relationships, with a focus on the issues particular to mature adults.I’ve also penned more than 300 articles on the subject of dating, love and relationships, many of which are posted on my blog Ask Heart Beat. But the stories are all true, and I’ll gradually let you in on that portion of my life.