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When we set up the system, we install the package to cover these.Gentoo is one of the most Linuxy Linux distributions. Gentoo needs that the /usr/src/linux symbolic link points to the kernel source being used used.The portage automatically updates the symbolic link, but you must manually configure the symlink flag in the /etc/configuration file..Occasionally names or email addresses used when committing to the VCS will go out of date.sets up a standard Portage build environment and installs some build dependencies.With these tools, it’s easy to get Git to work exactly the way you, your company, or your group needs it to.

# On branch master # Changes to be committed: # (use "git reset HEAD If your team has a commit-message policy, then putting a template for that policy on your system and configuring Git to use it by default can help increase the chance of that policy being followed regularly.

You do need to choose between SQLite and Postgresql though. It may be a good idea to set this in /etc/portage/package.use, such as: * The 'vhosts' USE flag is switched ON * This means that Portage will not automatically run webapp-config to * complete the installation.

I wrote the original for Bugs Everywhere, but ended up copying it into a number of my projects.

We take advantage of this to make a distinction between host and our target when building.

For the host, the root directory where things get installed is /, for a given target board this is /build/.